Genre is much more classic than anything else, so don’t get confused.

Erased Tapes are acutally one of my favourite European labels which often fusing disparate musical forms and styles, rendering so-called genres like modern classical, post rock and electronica redundant.

If you like OLAFUR ARNALDS, NILS FRAHM (especially) or PETER BRODERICK (to name a few, but these guys I admire a lot) which are all from the Erased Tapes Family, this extremely limited edition might be interesting for you.

Well, it’s true (so long I know) – what you can read on their web page – Erased Tapes has become a meeting point and melting pot for innovative and imaginative musicians who knew there had to be somewhere they could call home. As artist Nils Frahm says, the label is ‘a wonderful place for creating music and I couldn’t be happier in this family. And it is a family. There’s a great sense of freedom on this label.

When i was attending at the fantastic Olafur Arnalds Gig (with a whole orchestra) @ Volkbühne Berlin a couple of weeks ago, you felt this “family feeling” while Nils Frahm was supporting Olafur on the Piano by one track or at the aftershow when Olafur, Peter Broderick and Casper Clausen (from Efterklang) were sitting together for hours ( i was happy enough to join them). Same with a NILS FRAHM free concert in Berlin, when Peter came along to join the session.

Let’s see, what the label is writing about our protagonist: Lubomyr Melnyk  is a Ukrainian composer and pianist who has pioneered ‘Continuous Piano Music’ . Classically trained and greatly affected by the minimalist movement in the early 1970s, he has developed his own unique language for the piano, named after the principle of maintaining a continuous, unbroken stream of sound. Lubomyr Melnyk is a true innovator, exploring new directions for contemporary music. Not only is he regarded as one of theworld’s fastest concert pianists, his compositions also truly carry the listener to new realms. To witness one of his rare live performances is nothing short of a mind-opening experience.

Excellent. On tour this May 2013. Watch the video to understand why Mr. Melnyk is an awarded piano player. it’s unbelieveable.

Not that excellent: the price of course. Especially you are living in the USA .

Note 1: If you don’t need the clear vinyl edition (like me), you should consider  the “normal” vinyl release, which has all (including the die-cut sleeve) and is also limited, but just black. You should be able to get this item via your retailer and therefore you paying around 23 Euro or max. 30$ without additional shipping costs.

Note 2: You are getting from Erased Tapes a quite good audiophile pressing and equally always a nice sleeve artwork with inserts.





The Details

Ltd. Edition Clear 2x12" Vinyl
250 copies incl. Album Download
Includes Vinyl-only Bonus Track with Die-Cut Sleeve.
12 Page Booklet


Price $38

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