Linda Perhacs may or may not be a familiar name to you. She’s quite the late bloomer. Her first and only album to this day was Parallelograms and that was released back in 1970. I’d say forty-four years has us long overdue for a new album from the folk songstress! Back in 2001, label Wild Places began their two year investigation in to finding Linda Perhacs and getting her permission and aid to reissue her only output. In 2005, it happened and Sunbeam Records did it again in 2008 including another two tracks and an excerpt from a BBC interview. Sufjan Stevens’ and Lowell Brams’ Asthmatic Kitty label is going to be responsible for putting out Linda Perhacs’ sophomore effort The Soul of All Natural Things and from the one song we have from the album, I think it’s safe to say it’s going to sound swimmingly. It releases on March 4th of next year and you can check out “Freely” below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2014, Asthmatic Kitty

Hand-numbered, limited edition on WHITE vinyl!

VINYL FORMAT. Linda Perhacs’ Parallelograms was created in the heart of hippy country, LA’s Topanga Canyon, by a dental hygienist who was inspired by nature and by the cultural revolution going on around her. When Parallelograms was finished, it sounded like a masterpiece, but the label had pressed it so poorly, sales were non-existent. Obscurity beckoned. But in the internet age obscurity can be discreetly transformed into a kind of niche immortality. By 2003, Parallelograms had become a cult album.

And slowly, Perhacs began making music again. In 2010, she connected with a new generation of LA musicians attuned to her vision, including Fernando Perdomo and Chris Price, both accomplished musicians and producers in their own right. The trio began recording the eclipse song, “River Of God”, and what became a new album’s title track, The Soul of All Natural Things.

The Soul of All Natural Things, for all its apparent serenity, is also a subtly polemical album, full of exhortations to take a step out of our frantic everyday lives. “We get too far out of balance and we must find a way to get back to our polestar,” Perhacs says. “I have a deeper purpose. My soul is giving itself to the people; I want them to be helped, I want them to be lifted.”

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