There is a good chance you’ve never heard of these Canadian “Alt Rockers” from Vancouver. There is also a good chance that you’ll still love their stuff. Think of of them as grunge from The Great White North. Brothers Ryan and Kurt Dahle formed Limblifter back in 1996 as a side project to their main band, Age of Electric and put out this great rock record. Unfortunately at the time they only released it on CD and Cassette. But, now 16 years later they are reissuing it on vinyl in tasty 180 gram for your ears to digest.

Did I mention there are only 1000 copies? Oh yeah, well there are. So if you are a fan like me I’d pick up this album now before its gone. And if you’ve never heard these guys before, give them a listen below.

Pre Order is going on now and the records will ship around July 18th.

Price – $15 CAD

From the Label:

Limblifter materialized “inside an abandoned meat locker, amidst the hooker and drug infested Yaletown district of Vancouver” while brothers Ryan and Kurt Dahle took some time away from their full-time gig, Age of Electric. Linking up with bassist Ian Somers, the band practised just ten times before they laid down Limblifter in a four-day studio stint.

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