Before you listen to this and immediately cast it out because it’s not your style… wait,wait,wait!! This record is a perfect example why each and every one of us should pay attention to the vast plethora of music that’s out there… even the stuff you commonly can’t attach yourself to! And for those of you who listen to nothing but this type of stuff… you’re in for a treat! (If you didn’t already know about these guys, of course!!)

London based sextet, Light Bearer, is a hard band to categorize… Post-Rock, Post-Hardcore, Progressive-Metal, and Ambient-Atmospheric-Drone is the mixture with which these guys do some serious work. This band is a story, a saga – written by the their vocalist Alex. Influences were drawn from the writings of Philip Pullman’s “His dark materials” trilogy, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the Book of Genesis, an allegorical tale in which to forward atheist/anti theist and radical left wing/ free thought ideologies. This collection of records is split into four parts being collectively known as ‘Æsahættr Tetralogy.’

Lapsus is part 1 of 4. As stated via Light Bearer’s biography: “The narrative begins with the metaphorical casting out of the protagonist Lucifer, an angel so loyal and in love with god that he could not submit when asked to bow before humanity, personified as Adam. For this act he is banished from heaven. Here he questions the Allfather – an entity who claimed the universe as his own. In doing so he realises his master has lied, and vows to reach out from his desolation and become his namesake, amongst the other fallen angels – to pass on the torch of free will to all life in the multiple universes.”

The lyrical ambition of this project is what sets these guys, and these albums, so far apart from the array of musicians and acts out there playing music within this same genre(s). If you choose to listen to the track down below — I highly advice you link over to YouTube and read the lyrics listed with this song!! …in my opinion this is the only way to truly experience the story here!!

The Details

HALO33 Lightbearer – Lapsus DLP

Lightbearer is a concept band from the south east of England. Bringing together long standing friends and new allies in an attempt to create a musical project, mixing their love of ambient post rock, post metal, beats, noise and experimental soundscapes. The concept itself borrows from The His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. For Fans of Envy, Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin, Mouth Of The Architect, 65 Days Of Static, and Neurosis!

500 copies pressed at Optimal Media Production
December 2012
100 on white vinyl. 100 on grey vinyl. 300 on black.
co released with Alerta Antifascista and Moment of Collapse.
Europeans, please order from them.


Price $20

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