L.A. based Bomp Records, started by fanzine editor and music historian Greg Shaw, is a label best known for releasing vinyl by such notables as Iggy and the Stooges, The Germs, and Devo. Despite Shaw’s passing, Bomp continues to release a steady flow of singles and full-length LPs full of pop, punk, indie, glamrock and every combination of said genres under the guiding of Suzy Shaw.

One thing Bomp is known for is releasing many of their records in limited edition and quite dazzling “starburst” color, including the re-release of the first Black Keys record The Big Come Up.

The latest number in their Alive catalog is Dirty Spliff Blues by Left Lane Cruiser. This power trio from Mississippi lets loose their heavy-handed blues with gusto, and demonstrates what ten years on the road can do to hone your chops.

Released in variations of “Starburst” (ltd to 150), “Tangerine” (ltd to 100) and classic black vinyl, fans can also choose between limited edition packages that add the CD, poster, T-shirt and autographed “Starburst” vinyl for $50. Note that a download code is not included in the purchase of the album alone, but a CD is available as an add-on.

**When you order, don’t forget to add the Born in the Garage book for FREE. 300 pages from Shaw’s fanzines from the 70s, which is quite a visual and historical treat.

The Details

After nearly a decade of delivering their own high-octane, scuzzed-up take on North Mississippi rural blues as a duo, Left Lane Cruiser have recently expanded into a threesome for their latest studio album, Dirty Spliff Blues. Led by founding member Freddy J IV (aka Joe Evans) on vocals and slide guitar, and now joined by Joe Bent on bass and skateboard slide guitar (yes, he uses his skateboard as an instrument) and Pete Dio on drums & assorted other junk, this three-headed hydra, birthed in either Fort Wayne, IN or Hades depending on who you ask, still whips up the same frenzied mess of trashed-out punk/blues that LLC is known for. But on Dirty Spliff Blues there’s a decidedly more rock ‘n’ roll approach to their mean-ass blues. Songs such as “Tangled Up In Bush” or ” Skateboard Blues” still slink like snakes in the grass, but tracks such as the pile-driving opener “Tres Borrachos,” “Cutting Trees,” “She Don’t Care” and “Dirty Spliff Blues” rock with a newfound intensity, and that’s saying a lot for a band long known for both their intense, sweat-soaked live shows and in-the-red recordings. Of course, LLC’s very backbone – the Blues – is also evident throughout, from the hip-shakin’ groove of “Elephant Stomp” to, well, really just about every damn song on the record.

Any way you roll it – from the new cover art created by renowned artist William Stout to the THC-laced sh*t-kickers – Dirty Spliff Blues smokes like no other Left Lane Cruiser album before it.

Along with their music being featured in the hit television series Breaking Bad and receiving critical acclaim across the globe, Left Lane Cruiser have also toured relentlessly over the years, sharing the stage with artists such as Robert Belfour, T Model Ford, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Bob Log III and many others, and are also regular performers at the Deep Blues Festival now held annually in the cradle of the blues, Clarksdale, MS.

Price $16

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