RIYL: Songwriting in the style of Greg Camp. Piero Umiliani, The School

Label: Mega Dodo

Do you like space lounge? Of course you do. Instead of reading about the newest release on Mega Dodo, you should be checking out their Bandcamp and ordering this record.

Le SuperHomard (The Great Lobster) deliver a solid pop gem on this release. There are 8 songs overall on this E.P.  Four tracks with vocals and four instrumentals. In a situation like this, sometimes the overall feel can get ruined by the vocals – this is not the case here. Vocalist Pandora Burgess fits perfectly into Christophe Vaillant’s vision and executes it wonderfully.

Every song has a spacey feel to it, however none of it feels forced or overdone.  It all flows into one shining pop gem that you shouldn’t sleep on.



The Details

Le Super Homard's stunning album pressed onto 10-inch of snow white vinyl. Limited to 250

1. Intro 02:16
2. Maple Key 03:25
3. On A Sofa 02:50
4. Bituminized 02:45
5. Dry Salt In Our Hair 02:54
6. On A Sofa (Part 2) 00:54
7. Mr Corn 04:20
8. From My Window 03:34

Thanks to Powerpopholic for the tip!

Price $17.37

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