RIYL: White Fence, Johnny Thunders/New York Dolls, Television Personalities, Soft Boys

Label: Sunstone Records

Sunstone Records bags another gem!

Much of my time sinceĀ this summerĀ hasĀ been spent digging into the extensive catalogue of DIY wiz-kid Laurie Shaw,Ā an extremely talented musician/composer residing in Cork, Ireland. This guy is 21 years old, and hasĀ 50-something albums on his back already!Ā I couldn’t quite believe it myself, but apparently he’s been doing bedroom-recordings and dropping CDr’s in local shops sinceĀ the age of 14.

His style usually shines through a playful, rugged, yetĀ mature take on different sorts of rock’n’roll (mostly garage-influenced)Ā with the uttermost attitude, feeling and soul. He lays downĀ all instruments himself, and combined his tracks spark magic in every channel with a casual, easygoing flair. Still there’s a no-hesitation,Ā all-in feelĀ to it, creating a raw, genuine expression that is impossible not to get smacked in the headĀ by.Ā  There’s too much inspirationsĀ in his sound to even begin namedropping, but any experienced tune-traveller will certainly find their list of artists to draw comparisons towards. I’d sure like to have a chat around hisĀ list of favourite artistsĀ over a Guiness sometime.. (and his parents’ vinyl-collection, if I might add!)..

Felted Fruit is Laurie’s Psych-Rock/Folk-Explosion project, which has been picked up byĀ Sunstone Records to be released asĀ a 2xLP this November. Ā Ā In total there’s 9 tracks available for streaming at this point, which I have collected and lined up underneath. Dig in!Ā 


Sunstone Ltd pressings are bound to sell out and not be repressed, so jump on this gem ASAP! It might very well be the best decision you’ll make this year.

Be sure to visit Laurie’s Bandcamp for the extended experience, there’s so much gold in there you’ll be cancelling all appointments for the next few weeks

The Details


Sunstone are pleased to announce the pre-sale of our first double-vinyl project 'Felted Fruit'. Across 4 sides of blissful pop-culture, Laurie takes us on a journey that spans from Presley, Soft Boys, Swell Maps, Pebbles, New York Dolls, Wire, Simply Saucer and on and on. 30 tracks that will burrow their way deep inside your synapse.

Price $31

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