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As you well know I love me some Kurt Vile. While this isn’t the most robust offering, it still looks like a great EP and is only $11. I’m buying.


The Details

Between genre/era/lifetime-defining full lengths, Kurt Vile has made a name for himself with limited vinyl edition EPs.

The it's a big world out there (and i am scared) 12" continues this tradition with its inclusion of "Never Run Away" from 2013's breakthrough LP, Wakin On A Pretty Daze - this time with the beef'd up "string synth" version

The 12" also includes brand new tracks: the fingerpicked earworm "feel My Pain" and the bedroom psych moves of "the Ghost of Freddie Roach". Wakin standouts "snowflakes Are Falling" and "Air Bud" are also reprised here a "Snowflakes Extended" and "Wedding Budz", respectively.


1. Never Run Away (string synth)
2. NRA Reprise
3. Feel My Pain
4. Snowflakes Extended
5. Wedding Budz
6. The Ghost Of Freddie Roach
7. (reprise reprise)

Price $11

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