Hips don’t lie! The truth and the only truth is destined to be wiggled while listening to a tune by Klaus Johann Grobe! If you caught up on their 2014-debut LP “Im sinne der zeit” (released through Trouble In Mind Records) you know what I’m preaching; this Swizz duo know how to put down some seriously infectious alternative grooves!

Their highly unique kosmische blend is built upon a foundation of super-crisp bass-grooves, rocksteady drums and old analogue synthesizers, and sounds equally inspired by psych, kraut-rock and post-punk as of soul, jazz and disco. The exotic vibe is only amplified by the German vocals, which quite possibly commands your brain to initialize a motorik reaction. It is highly unlikely that your body will not obey to the multi-tool/Swizz army-knife that is Klaus Johann Grobe.

Originally released a few years back as a very limited private pressing, this EP marks a tremendously strong debut! There’s not a weak moment among the 6 tracks on this EP, and I simply cannot recommend it enough! The original is a rare and costly affair to add to your collection, so it is luckily being reissued by Salvation Records (UK) as a limited pressing of 500 copies due for release on the 11th of May.

I’m told that Trouble In Mind will have some copies for domestic US-distro, which noteably marks the first time of a non-TIM release! If this info goes out beyond TIM’s mailing-list, I’ll make sure to update this post with a link. I advice you to order this from Salvation straight away though (or possibly subscribe to TIM’s mailinglist), as this one is by far too good an effort to miss out on!

Klaus Johann EP

“The duo sing exclusively in German, but despite the language barrier, their grooves are infectious and universal.” Pitchfork


“Swiss duo, Klaus Johann Grobe, play a kind of danceable Krautrock informed by early ’80’s New York punk funk pioneers such as ESG……” Shindig Magazine

The Details

Artist: Klaus Johann Grobe
Title: EP
Release date: 11.05.15
12" black vinyl 6 track EP

Sometime in 2012 Salvation Records (then The Sound of Salvation) received a mysterious Swiss private pressing by Klaus Johann Grobe and within several months had released a truly limited version for the UK market (just 168 copies on 10”) which sold out within two weeks, thanks in part to their friends Temples who played it during a visit to BBC Radio One.

Driven by an organic yet metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals and a monstrous funky bass, this is seriously bum-waggling electro-freak goodness. The music does seem to aim towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particulary as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.
Klaus Johann Grobe are certainly aiming towards the more dance-orientated arena of Kraut music, aligning the metro pulse of Klaus Dinger and Kraftwerk's calculators to more biological factors - kind of like moss growing on the mainframe.

Price $16

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