A great bit of ambient electronic music here. Very spacial and chill. I personally got to then end of the ep and just started it again. My only critique is that I don’t love the continual “samurai” that is spoken over the songs. It kinda sounds like an audio watermark to keep people from ripping it off. I know it’s an audio element, but personally I’d prefer it without that.

The Details

Kiyoko is Synkro and Bering Strait. Following on from their sublime debut LP 'Sea Of Trees' for ASC's Auxiliary label, Kiyoko were approached to contribute to the Horo series in an effort to take it even further outside the constraints of any bpm or musical genre.

With titles removed to allow your mind to associate your own mental images to each track, Kiyoko takes Synkro's genius touch with soaring emotions and spreads them evenly into a gentle soothing melancholy that few electronic musicians are capable of.

We are very very proud and honoured to release this record to the world.

Limited 10" marbled vinyl only

Thanks to Pab Ulum for the tip!

Price $11

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