Joyful Noise Recordings strikes again!  If you were smart enough to sign-up as a Joyful Noise VIP member then you probably already heard about this.  If not, here’s the skinny… The supremely talented Kishi Bashi is releasing three 7″ singles, each in a different color that is hand numbered and signed by none other than Kishi Bashi himself.  One will be released in clear/white, one in purple/orange, and one in blue/bone white vinyl.  With these spectacularly colored records comes a custom made frame for them so you can show off your score and make all of your friends who don’t read Sly Vinyl really, really jealous.

One more big upside to this release… the B-sides are covers of Beirut, Talking Heads, and ELO.  You know you want it!

The Details

Announcing... three elaborate 7" singles from Kishi Bashi! Each of the three releases features a single from Kishi Bashi's acclaimed debut album 151a, as well as an unreleased orchestral cover song on Side B. The Side A singles "Manchester", "Bright Whites", and "It All Began With A Burst" are paired with re-imagined orchestral quartet covers of ELO, Talking Heads, and Beirut.

The vinyl itself features a unique 2-color splatter design, with a different color combination for each 7" record (Clear & White Vinyl, Purple & Orange Vinyl, Blue & Bone White Vinyl, respecively). Additionally, the cover art for each 7" correspond to each other - forming a complete triptych landscape image when all three are placed side by side (see photos).

The first 500 copies are sold as a three-part box set, including all three 7"s in a custom-built wooden frame. Each Box Set is individually hand-numbered out of just 500 copies, and is personally signed by Kishi Bashi. The 7"s are also available for individual purchase.

Though the official release date isn't until April 2nd, Pre-Order is available now and includes an instant MP3 Download. Copies will also be available on the current Kishi Bashi US Tour, beginning Friday at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.


A - Manchester
B - A Sunday Smile, by Beirut
A - Bright Whites
B - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), by Talking Heads
A - It All Began With A Burst
B - Prologue / Twilight, by ELO

Price $45

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