RIYL: King Gizzard

Label: Flightless Records

Confirmed a while ago, lots of Gizzheads have been eagerly awaiting the reissues of King Gizzard’s first 4 LPs + the Willoughby’s Beach EP. With no new material being released this year (as opposed to last year’s 5 albums…) Flightless Records has in the midst of some extensive touring finally made these gems available for the fans that weren’t around for the first few years of The Gizzness. The prices of the original pressings has skyrocketed hand-in-hand with the popularity of the band over the last few years, and value has been pretty stable inbetween 400-900 USDs pr LP for a couple of years already..

Flightless records opened up on pre-orders on their website a couple of weeks back for some really cool mailorder exclusives (most still available HERE), but as it turns out the most limited variants will be the ones that they’re distributing via ATO in the US (very limited quantities also available via Discrepancy Records and JB Hi-Fi in AU).

The Gizzmaster, Stu Mackenzie announced a while ago that all of the reissues are original Flightless Records pressings, with variants to be distributed by their affiliates in the US (ATO) and EU/UK (Heavenly Recordings). There has been no wording as of yet by Heavenly, but at this point one can only assume that they will eventually be stocking the standard Black Vinyl pressings of the albums.

The breakdown on the variants (according to order sheets via Pirates Press);

*Flightless Mailorder variants – 5000 copies each

*ATO distributed variants – 2000 copies each

*Standard Black variants – 7500 copies each

The Details

*"Float Along - Fill Your Lungs" is being reissued on Easter Yellow colored vinyl and includes a heavyweight jacket with inner sleeve printed on uncoated offset paper, and a 24"x24" fold-out poster.

*"Oddments" is being reissued on Grimace Purple colored vinyl and includes a heavyweight gatefold jacket with original art by Jason Galea and an inner sleeve printed on uncoated offset paper, featuring a new blurb from Stu

*"12 Bar Bruise" is being reissued on Doublemint Green colored vinyl and features new artwork re-imagined by Jason Galea. Packaging includes a 350gsm heavyweight sleeve with semi-gloss finish and an inner sleeve on 170gsm uncoated offset paper with new blurb from Stu.

*"Eyes Like The Sky" is being reissued on Halloween Orange colored vinyl and features new artwork re-imagined by Jason Galea. The album is available on 12" 45rpm for the first time and includes narrative by Broderick Smith printed on a 200gsm inner sleeve with a preface by Stu

*"Willoughby' Beach" is being reissued on Red(ish) colored vinyl and features re-imagined artwork by Ican Harem. Packaging includes an embossed and spot UV deluxe sleeve with 350gsm reverse board finish and an inner sleeve printed on 170gsm uncoated offset paper.

Please note these items will ship on or around October 26.

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Price $25

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