RIYL: King Gizzard

Label: Vinyl Religion

Last December, King Gizzard dropped the audio master files and cover art for the compilation of their early recordings entitled “Teenage Gizzard”, as well as 2 albums worth of demos and a bunch of live recordings. Like they did with Polygondwanaland back in -17, the band encouraged anyone to release these through any format, this time assembled under the new “Official Bootlegger!” program.

Now, there’s a bunch of awesome vinyl variants and other formats out there already, but these deluxe pressings of “Teenage Gizzard” through Vinyl Religion deserve some attention (I kneel to that name btw, so great..)!

There’s 3 Vinyl variants limited to 370 copies each and a limited Picture Disc of 200 copies that has gotten heaps of TLC by the new wax cult, and pre-orders just opened up for a coming in late July.

We’re talking Glow-in-the-dark-sleeves, poly lined inner sleeves, “Official Bootlegger!”- and “Teenage Gizzard” stickers, as well as custom, matching coloured Japanese style OBI-strips-, hand-numbered Vinyl Religion stickers-, labels- and back cover artwork to go with each of the 3 variants pressed on 180g virgin Vinyl..

PS! You can also grab these 3 succulent slabs bundled w/ a Vinyl Religion slipmat at a discounted price (US/AU).

PPS! A couple test-pressing bundles left via Bandcamp if you’re real quick about it..

*For the US, go to Bandcamp through the BUY NOW- BUTTON (below)

*For UK/EU, you can grab these at Rough Trade THROUGH HERE

*For AUSTRALIA, available at Discrepancy Records (free shipping) THROUGH HERE

The Details

1. Hey There
2. Ants And Bats
3. Sleep
4. Summer
5. Eddie Cousin
6. Fried
7. Good To Me
8. Tomb/Beach
9. Trench Foot
10. Life Is Cool

Tracks 1-8 recorded some time in 2010 in Angelsea, Victoria, Australia
Tracks 9+10 recorded some time in 2011 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
Cover Design by Ahmad Oka

Teenage Gizzard 3 variants - 180gm coloured vinyl with Japanese OBI - 370 of each

for each variant:

- 150 for sale through Discrepancy Records (AU customers only)

- 100 for sale on Vinyl Religion Bandcamp (US customers only)

- 100 for sale through Rough Trade in the UK

- 20 for Gizzverse

- variant 1: "Her Parents Caught Us" CREAM on PINK viny LP

- variant 2: "My Mate Stole My Joint" YELLOW BLACK SMOKE vinyl LP

- variant 3: "Speeding On My P-Plates" BLUE RED SWIRL vinyl LP

bundle of above 3 also available with free Vinyl Religion slipmat

Teenage Gizzard numbered 180gm vinyl LP picture disc - limited to 200

- 50 for sale through Discrepancy Records (AU customers only)

- 50 for sale on Vinyl Religion Bandcamp site (US customers only)

- 100 for sale through Rough Trade in the UK

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Price $30

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