I guess it’s Portuguese psych-week here on Sly!  The debut-album from Keep Razors Sharp is a somewhat brighter affair than the drones of previously posted  10000 Russos and Dreamweapon, but nonetheless intriguing at that. These guys present high quality melodic guitar-based psych-rock with excellent hooks drenched in reverb and fuzz. Originally released by Nos Discos on CD and digital last year, but picked up and pressed onto 250 beautiful slabs of Pink Vinyl a few months back by Rastilho Records.

Keep Razors Sharp

The Details

Item #: Rastilho119
Keep Razors Sharp are an allstar band with elements that need no introduction in portuguese music: Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley), Luis "Rai" (The Poppers), Bráulio Alexandre (ex-Capitão Fantasma) and Carlos "Bibi" (Pernas de Alicate, Men Eater).

"Keep Razors Sharp" is the self titled album and debut that earned the best reviews in the Portuguese press.

A limited edition of only 250 copies, in a beautiful LP12" Pink Vinyl with illustrations and artwork of Sara Feio. The future of Portuguese music comes here!

A great album!

Vinyl LP, tracklist
A1. The Lioness
A2. I See Your Face
A3. By the Sea
A4. 9th
A5. Waiting Game
A6. Five Miles
B1. Cold Feet
B2. Sure Thing
B3. Africa On Ice
B4. Scars & Bones

Thanks to Robert Nystrand Nielsen for the tip!

Price $20

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