Johnny Marr is following up his 2014 album Playland with Adrenalin Baby, a double live set featuring music from both his solo albums as well as a handful of songs from that other band he was in with a guy named Morrissey. Always more low-key and less front and center than his larger than life former bandmate, Marr provided the sonic foundation for what is recognized as one of alt-music’s most revered post-punk bands. Marr’s goal with Adrenalin Baby was to capture the energy of his live shows, and he’s done a pretty good job – the Smiths songs sound particularly clean and tight, with Marr handling the vocals surprisingly well. Check it out below –

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The Details

Limited edition and numbered pink coloured double-vinyl (with a poster).

Johnny Marr will release his debut live solo album ‘Adrenalin Baby’ on November 13th through Warners. ‘Adrenalin Baby’ documents his energetic live performances over the past three years across a double album.

‘Adrenalin Baby’ was recorded primarily at his Brixton Academy and Manchester Apollo shows during Johnny’s ‘Playland’ tour in support of his Top 10 solo albums ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Playland’. In addition to material from his solo albums, ‘Adrenalin Baby’ also features takes on The Smiths’ classics ‘The Headmaster Ritual’, ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’, ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’.

The collection is completed by Electronic’s ‘Getting Away With It’ and Johnny’s interpretation of ‘I Fought The Law’.

“I wanted to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the last couple of tours,” says Johnny. “It’s been a special time and the album is a document for fans who were there, and for people who haven¹t seen me and might want to check out what the shows are about. I like live records when they're a good listen, It¹s turned out really well.”


1. Playland (Live)
2. The Right Thing Right
3. Easy Money (Live)
4. 25 Hours (Live)
5. New Town Velocity (Live)
6. The Headmaster Ritual (Live)
7. The Messenger (Live)
8. Back In The Box (Live)
9. Generate! Generate! (Live)
10. Bigmouth Strikes Again (Live)
11. Boys Get Straight (Live)
12. Candidate (Live)
13. Getting Away With It (Live)
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Live)
15. Dynamo (Live)
16. I Fought The Law (Live)
17. How Soon Is Now? (Live)

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