I know we already posted on this release – See Limited Option 1 here – But then he sent out a link to the Scandinavian store with an even more limited version of the album, I mean 1 of 300, that’s pretty cool. I will admit, I think picture discs are kinda lame. Something about the artwork just spinning around cheapens the whole vibe for me. But for a 1/300 I could probably silence my unfounded snobbery. Either way this music is going to be amazing, and I couldn’t be more excited to write 2 posts about this release. It’s also cheap with world wide shipping included.

Price – $23 w/ shipping included

From the store:

The new master piece from Kortedala’s suavest, the true genius of Scandinavian indie crooning, the uniquely literary pop man from the west coast of every continent: Jens Lekman is back and he is back on a very limited edition of 300 picture discs.

Available only from Service

Pre-order now. Delivery upon release, Sept 3.

18€ ($23), world wide shipping and mp3 album included.

Until release, dig “Erica America” on Spotify HERE.


TRACKLIST: 01 Every Little Hair Knows Your Name 02 Erica America 03 Become Someone Else’s 04 Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder 05 She Just Don’t Want To Be With You Anymore 06 I Want A Pair Of Cowboy Boots 07 The World Moves On 08 End of the World Is Bigger Than Love 09 I Know What Love Isn’t 10 Every Little Hair Knows Your Name

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