Not much I need to say here. Jack White, inverted lightning bolt vinyl. You know what you have to do.


We wanted to give all of our fans worldwide a special treat leading up to holiday season. In the wake of the smashing success of the lightning bolt version of Jack White’s “Blunderbuss” LP we were absolutely inundated with entreaties from folks all across the globe wanting the mere chance to buy one. In the interest of giving our fans what they want (while also keeping in mind not to bum out the folks who’ve already shelled out for a lightning bolt LP) we came up with a novel solution…

The inverted lightning bolt!

Instead of black vinyl with a flash of blue, these records will be blue with a flash of black.

These are strictly limited. Each customer will be able to purchase no more than 3 copies of the inverted lightning bolt variant, with folks encouraged to buy them for friends, give them as gifts, use them to tile their roofs and anything else that petroleum-based products are good for. I guess you could listen to them too. We’re giving Vault members a multi-day head start on this one…but we may disseminate this offer more widely if we don’t hit our numbers.

These records have a target ship date of December 1st, so plan accordingly.

Price – $20

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