RIYL: Oh Sees, Peoples Temple, Laurie Shaw, Ty Segall, White Fence, Myrrors

Label: Salty Dog Records

J. Burd, Longbeach CA bedroom bros breaking boundaries, bound to go boom!

Their lo-fi blend of psychedelic sounds and groovy garage has been evolving throughout their 2 previous LPs and a couple of singles, and every psych-head I’ve introduced them to this far is in awe by both the quality and originality to be found within their releases. This sweet 7″ tells the story of the life and times of the Sacred OM through 7 short, psychedelic flavoured tracks/snacks that adds flavour with every spin. Highly recommended listening, be sure to check out their albums as well! You can grab these on sale now over at Baby Carrot Records in the US!

This 7″ is limited to 100 copies on “Sacred OM” Splatter, and looks absolutely AMAZING

The AU price equals 9 USDs. Well spent for a super limited custom splattered 7″ of this quality

The Details

7" Pressed in Sacred OM Splatter.
Production run will be limited to 100 units.
Please note this is a pre-order, all orders will not begin shipping til mid June.

Very Limited Test Pressing Bundles includes;
1 x Test Pressing ( J. Burd - The Life, Times & Death Of The Sacred OM )
1 x Sacred OM Splatter

1.Samay Dara Hua 01:32
2.Spooked by Day 01:28
3.Rest 02:02
4.The Hunt 01:24
5.Midnight Enters 01:37
6.When I Saw Heaven 02:39
7.The End 01:12

A crew of Psychedelic & righteous dudes, J. Burd are set to make waves with their latest EP titled The Life, Times, and Death of the Sacred Om. The Three Brothers Jason, Joey, and Nick Callanan come together to bring lo-fi bedroom recordings to life in the seven track psychedelic/garage journey driven by the narrative and pleasent album flow.

A wide range of sounds to be experienced, bookended with sounds of sitar around the flow of in the red psych, they tell the tale of the life & death of the Sacred Om. From with the entrancing Samay Dara Hua, the upbeat Spooked By Day, to the aptly named Rest, each track is as compelling as its predecessor.

Psych lovers, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Price $9

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