I understand I might be one of the few to have never stopped loving Interpol, but dammit, I love em. Every release brings back that rock my hearts been missing. Something about solid brit rock that does it for me evertime. Make me want to stand in some drizzle and smoke. Hey it’s actually drizzling right now, time to balcony and smoke.

Get this record, i mean do it. It’s Interpol, what are you some kinda wuss.

It’s an Urban Outfitters exclusive so talk your shit if desired, but it’ll be in my collection.

The Details

An Urban-exclusive red vinyl version of Interpol's fifth studio album, El Pintor. Driving and relentless, this is a taut and exhilarating effort, filled with ten urgent and compelling tracks that exhibit the band as newly revitalized and wholly reenergized. 2014, Matador.

1. All the Rage Back Home
2. My Desire
3. Anywhere
4. Same Town, New Story
5. My Blue Supreme
6. Everything Is Wrong
7. Breaker 1
8. Ancient Ways
9. Tidal Wave
10. Twice as Hard

Price $22

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