RIYL: Wire, The Exploited, Gary Glitter

Label: Sacred Bones

Institute, the blistering punk force down South in the music mecca of Austin, are continuing their ‘an-album-a-year’ momentum with Subordination, the fourth rekkid in their rapidly evolving discography. Frontman Moses Brown is known for his unhinged vocal delivery similar to the disoriented yelps from Wattie Buchan of The Exploited or the drunken howls from Cole Alexander of The Black Lips, but the band’s everchanging post punk style has kept them fresh and original in a genre known for the opposite.

Subordination sees the band continuing down their straightforward rock an roll technique, but their guitar tones this time around are dripping with an early 70s glam rock smirk.  Ending track Powerstation is fist-pumping Gary Glitter wrapped in skinhead sheen while tracks like All This Pride and Human Law evoke the tight finesse of early Wire.  And I haven’t heard a rhythm section this heavy in a long time.  All nine tracks are just brutally delicious.  Check the whole thing down below!

There are a few copies left of Sacred Bones’ wax-sealed deluxe package after the ‘buy’ link.  If you don’t own any Sacred Bones product, it’s time you got on board.  Their attention to detail is downright inspirational.

The Details

***Limited Edition Version: Edition of 250 hand-numbered copies, comes with alternate screen-printed LP jacket, screen-printed glassine cover, on clear vinyl, wax sealed, and available by mail-order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.***

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