I Am The Avalanche consistently puts out the sort of high-energy high-anger rock that perfectly bridges the angst felt as a teenager with the crushing defeats of the present. Their original self-titled album (released in 2005) was a constant in my car, and still is on a frequent rotation for it’s honest and rage-fueled riffs. Now, nine years later, it appears that the boys are still as angry as ever, and that they still know how to channel it into catchy and energetic songs. I am definitely looking forward to spinning this record while punching items in my living room.

The single “The Shape I’m In” can be listened to on Esquire –


The Details

I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines - Vinyl

01. Two Runaways
02. 177
03. The Shape I'm In
04. Young Kerouacs
05. Wolverines
06. Anna Lee
07. Save Your Name
08. Where Were You?
09. My Lion Heart
10. One Last Time

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