Here’s an idea.  Grab a sixer, preferably something domestic and cheap (you can taste the savings), call up the dude bros, invite a few ladies that dig this kind of party, pile into the Vista Cruiser and head over to Hamilton Pool, the local swimming hole.

It’s pretty well-worn territory and we all know how the story ends, but it’s a damn good story.  Freddie gets into a fight, Biff loses his sunglasses again, Stacy gets super drunk and passes out in the Cruiser, and you finally get to 2nd base with the neighborhood girl.  No lives were changed, but you lived, baby.

Herzog plays out a bit like that.  You know what you’re going to get before you even get the wax to the turntable, but you know it’s gonna put you in a great mood.  Fuzzy riffs, heavy back beats, crispy geetar solos and summer heat.  It’s all there, and even though you know this story, you can’t wait to hear it again.

And free shipping, bros!

The Details

Nick Tolar’s voice---part Neil Young, part Jeff Mangum---holds sway over the album, informing the well-crafted lyrics with a mood that conveys the right tenor of emotion. From the doubled-vocaled, driving attack of “Full Stick,” the Thin Lizzy-style synchopated guitar solos of “Boys Theme,” and the Spector Wall of Sound on “Satan Is Real,” Herzog illustrates that they are informed by the breadth of guitar-laden music but not confined to one form of expression. Nods to the past are present but Herzog is by all means in the here and now.

Boys is as catchy as it is diverse, inventive as it is informed, melodic as it is sonic, and enjoyable as it is enrapturing.

- MP3 Download of the Album
- Limited 500 press
- Transparent orange vinyl

Price $15

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