Pretty sweet  record club here. Limited colored vinyl editions special to the club. Also it’s $20 cheaper today.

From their FB page

I don’t know if I’m hopped up on goofballs, in the holiday spirit or just an idiot, BUT, regardless of that, for the next 24 hours I’m allowing new members to join the Graveface Record Club at only $100. If you’re unfamiliar with the Record Club, members receive the next 10 releases in all formats, plus a shirt and some other shit. All Record Club LPs are hand-numbered and come on an exclusive color vinyl. If you want to pull the trigger for 100 bones, hit me up via email and we’ll make it so (mailatgravefacedotcom).

Record Club Details View more here

• subscription package for next 10 Graveface releases, limited to two hundred some odd customers
• can join at any time, and you’ll receive the next 10 releases
• you will receive releases in ALL formats in which they are manufactured, at a discounted rate, plus
â—¦ for applicable releases, there will be an exclusively colored vinyl made for the subscriber list only + hand-numbered packaging when applicable
â—¦ 2 vinyl test presses per release will go to random subscribers
â—¦ exclusive graveface subscriber t-shirt
â—¦ during your 10 album run, you’ll receive a cd or zip file of something unreleased and exclusive to the club (not guaranteed to be music but it might be!)
â—¦ you’ll receive a record club membership card in your 2nd or 3rd package
• make sure to keep me updated of any address changes during the subscription run

Thanks to Matthew Marcinowski for the tip!
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