RIYL: Mild High Club / Loving / Hoops / sunkissed psychpop

Label: Self Released

If you have yet to discover the magic of Gold Celeste, you are in for something quite special!

The Oslo, Norway based psych-pop phenomenon dropped their debut album “The Glow” back in 2015, and it has for a fact been a permanent resident in my “recently played”-crate ever since!¬† It is one of the most up close and personal albums I know, and it always lifts my spirits and gives me the thrills. As I wrote in my post for it back in -15, “Every single song on the album just grows/glows bigger/brighter with every spin. Steady bass and drums play around and puts that smile on your face, while curtains of treated guitars and various moody synths delivers a melancholic factor to their expression which together with the lush falsetto-like vocals create something quite unique. A genuine diamond, you should let this album take up a lot of your time from here on. If you do it will most certainly make you glow.”¬†

In the wake of The Glow, they also dropped a couple of outstanding non-album tracks. Both The Wonder Of Love and There’s a Window (From Petter’s Garden) shine with the grace of their mojo, and anticipation towards a new album has been steadily growing ever since.

I’m extremely pleased to share that their sophomore album The Gentle Maverick will be released on October 4th, and based on the two available tracks it’s going to be another true gem. Tune in underneath and get stoked!¬† As the band puts it, Golden times, celestial vibes!

As their former label Riot Factory is no longer active, the band has decided to release it themselves (how they haven’t been picked up by a major label yet is beyond me.. Bound to happen soon though!). The initial pressing is that of a scarce 250 copies only, so I suggest you move quickly. These guys has a most loyal fanbase across the lands, so I wouldn’t fence this one.

The Details

It is with pride, humility, joy and a strange sense of excitement that we announce the release of our next album "The Gentle Maverick", on the 4th of October.

Four years have passed since our first album "The Glow", and during this time we have been continuously working on new music in our own little bubble of a studio, showing signs of life sporadically and keeping people somewhat in the loop.

Most bands, when at an intense level of labour and focus, throw in the towel when faced with the realities of how hard it is to "make it", or to finally "break". If this is paired with an increasing sense of losing your way artistically, finding it hard to progress or struggling to bring something new to the table, then the conclusion is not to hard to imagine.

Our story is different.

Tape after tape, hard drives stuffed with unsorted folders full of jams and song sketches. We could have released four albums by now, but we chose not to. We wanted this album to showcase the vitality and resilience needed to produce music we make.

We cultivate everything ourselves, from the first tone hitting the tape machine, through careful mixing and onto the master tape. A vault of songs, developing the ones that gave us a collective jolt of energy, and that really felt like they deserved a place on our second album.

Making it was an unshackled, forthright, fun, dizzying and at times exhausting experience, but we feel as energised and keen as we ever have. We can't wait for it to be out there!

Love, GC

Price $19

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