RIYL: Fun, fuzz, locked grooves, Psychedelic World Music

Label: Sub Pop (US), Rocket Recordings (UK)

Fuzz, wah-wah, deadly guitar-licks, groovy basslines, hypnotic world-beats, tribal outfits and hidden identities.  These are just some of what sets the allmighty GOAT aside from other acts, and I am so very stoked about their third album “Requiem” coming out on Oct. 7th via Rocket Recordings (UK) and Sub Pop (US). Rocket Recordings has already sold out of their pre-orders, but be quick and you might find valid links below..


Accordingly brewed and blended isolated in Korpilombolo (a Swedish small town north of the Arctic Circle, a junction of native Sami people, Scandinavian settlers, and the rare infiltration of wayfaring outsiders)  the groups spokesperson claims the group to be an ongoing multi-generational collective of musicians. Well, they certainly know how to stirr up some serious magic, both on records and through their fiery hot, trancendental and close to religious live-shows (or Rituals, as they’ve so fittingly named them..)!  Make sure to sign up if their upcoming tour brings them anywhere near you soon to experience their mindbending Ritual.  And who knows, maybe your spirit will guide you towards the limited “Psych”-colored Vinyl variant..

Dig the sounds of “I Sing In Silence” and “Try My Robe”, and go get GOAT!



offers their *Loser Edition while available.

GOAT Looser

This one comes on Translucent Red w/ Black Vinyl, and is AVAILABLE VIA THE BUY NOW-BUTTON underneath!  


has 3 options, but have already sold out of online pre-orders.. Keep reading, though.

GOAT Psych

*Dual Effect Red & Yellow (Psych) Vinyl –  limited to 1000, Rocket shop & band tour exclusive. This sold out within a few hours via Rocket, but I suspect quite a few will follow the band on tour!

( If you’re very quick you might still score one over at Picadilly Records or Resident Music !!!)

GOAT Black

*Black Vinyl – no words on quantities, but this one actually also sold out pretty quick online. Try the same locations as the Indies-exclusive below if you wanna bag one.

*Orange Indie Exclusive Vinyl (no picture found yet) – No word on quantities pressed. This can be found at quite a few retailers (Norman Records, Picadilly, Resident and  Rough Trade to name a few)


Fingers crossed for a Swedish variant on Stranded Rekords…


The Details

Loser Edition Colored Vinyl 2xLP
Limited edition Translucent Red w/ Black colored vinyl, available during pre-order or while supplies last.
shipping out on or around October 7, 2016

1. Djorolen/Union of Sun and Moon
2. I Sing in Silence
3. Temple Rhythms
4. Alarms
5. Trouble in the Streets
6. Psychedelic Lover
7. Goatband
8. Try My Robe 03:30
9. It's Not Me
10. All-Seeing Eye
11. Goatfuzz
12. Goodbye
13. Ubuntu

In a culture obsessed with content, saturation, and continual exposure, it’s rare to find artists who prefer to lurk outside of the public eye. Thomas Pynchon is perhaps the most notable contemporary recluse—a virtually faceless figure who occasionally creeps out of hiding to offer up an elaborate novel steeped in history and warped by imagination—but for crate diggers and guitar mystics, Sweden’s enigmatic GOAT may qualify as the greatest modern pop-culture mystery. Who are these masked musicians? Are they truly members of the Arctic community of Korpilombolo? Are their songs part of their isolated communal heritage? Their third studio album, Requiem, offers more questions than answers, but much like any of Pynchon’s knotty yarns, the reward is not in the untangling but in the journey through the labyrinth.

Western exports may have dominated the consciousness of international rock fans for the entirety of the 20th century, but our increasing global awareness has unearthed a treasure trove of transcendental grooves and spellbinding riffage from exotic and remote corners of the planet. GOAT’s previous albums World Music and Commune were perfect testaments to this heightened awareness, with Silk Road psychedelia, desert blues, and Third World pop all serving as governing forces within the band’s sound. But GOAT’s strange amalgam isn’t some cheap game of cultural appropriation—it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact origins of the elusive group’s sound. The fact that they pledge allegiance to a spot on the periphery of our maps bolsters the nomadic quality of their sonic explorations. With Requiem, GOAT continue to rock and writhe to a beat beholden to no nation, no state.

GOAT’s only outright declaration for Requiem is that it is their “folk” album, and the album is focused more on their subdued bucolic ritualism than psilocybin freakouts. But GOAT hasn’t completely foregone their fiery charms—tracks like “All-Seeing Eye” and “Goatfuzz” conjure the sultry heathen pulsations that ensnared us on their previous albums.

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of Requiem comes with the closing track “Ubuntu”. The song is little more than a melodic delay-driven electric piano line, until we hear the refrain from “Diarabi”—the first song on their first album—sneak into the mix. It creates a kind of musical ouroboros—an infinite cycle of reflection and rejuvenation, death and rebirth. Much like fellow recluse Pynchon, rather than offering explanations for their strange trajectories, GOAT create a world where the line between truth and fiction is so obscured that all you can do is bask in their cryptic genius.

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