RIYL: Fun, fuzz, locked grooves, Psychedelic World Music

Label: Rocket Recordings

Big news from Goat / Rocket Recordings yesterday, good and bad..

The Good: Goat has recorded their entire 2016 European tour, and have decided to release this “Fuzzed In Europe” LP via Rocket Recordings on October 27th. The band has personally compiled these 6 tracks based on how they have evolved from their original studio-recordings into something different throughout their rituals. If you ever attended one of their shows, you know how transcendental and hypnotic these rituals are. I’ve seen hundreds of gigs during the last 25 years, but my time with Goat is definitely among the greatest moments I’ve experienced.

The Bad: Goat are rumoured to have disbanded and retracted to their mystical village Korpilombolo, never again to record an album or perform their ritual in front of an audience. If this is the case, the music-scene has indeed lost one of these times’ most innovative, exotic and mindblowing acts. How they managed to cast their spell upon the world and dissapear again without ever revealing their true identities is beyond me.. I’ve been following them close ever since their first release, and have tried to pry the occational band for intel, but without luck. This defies the rules of the www, and I’ll be forever baffled to the bone. There must have been greater forces at work here..

The LP is limited to 2,250 copies worldwide and divided into two different colour variants, the Rocket shop exclusive “Exploding sun” splatter of 250 copies (which sold out within the hour..)  and the Indie shop exclusive Green & Black splatter of 2000 copies. The latter can be found for pre-sales at quite a few UK independent record stores (although it is sold out a lot of places already).


I’ve linked the Buy Now-button to Norman Records (UK) who always provide the best deals on both rekkids and shipping, as well as some of the finest service available to mankind. 


The Details

When the masked Swedish collective Goat toured Europe in the
Autumn of 2016 to promote their then recently released third album
Requiem - the band came up with the idea to record every show.

On returning back to their home town of Korpilombolo, Goat
painstakingly went through all the recordings and have to picked out
6 tracks to be released on for limited live album Fuzzed in Europe.

Goat picked these 6 tracks in particular as they are different versions
to what is found on the releases the songs originally came from and
the band liked the idea that these versions are documented onto vinyl.

Goat’s live reputation is second to none – since their first public
shows in 2012 they have stunned audiences across the globe. The
bands brand of dancable, tribal psychedelia is guaranteed to create
mass hysteria from the wanting crowds – Goat know how to create
music that is made for the ‘head’ as well as the ‘body’.

There are rumours of Goat disappearing into the hills – that they have
hung up their masks now for good and have slipped away as quietly
as they arrived on to the scene. Whether this is true or not, we don’t
know, but even if they have or have not disbanded from public view,
this is a great document of their immersive power to cherish, it
celebrates band completely at the top of their game.

The eye popping beautiful artwork for Fuzzed in Europe was
created by the great poster artist Adam Pobiak – who has
worked with everyone from Soundgarden to the Justice and Swans
to Flaming Lips.

The ltd LP is released ltd to 2,250 copies worldwide and comes in two
different colour variants – it will also be available digitally.
releases October 27, 2017

Price $24.5

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