The moment I first heard this album I was entranced. I try to venture throughout all genres in search of the true and seriously powerful. I say seriously powerful, specifically, because it 100% applies to this bunch of college dudes. Throughout their albums you’ll find instrumental post-rock with minimal to experimental amounts of lyrics. Each and every song holds some serious instrumental skills; and, individually speaking, a united precision that just simply can’t be overlooked.  I mean come on, after only a few months as a band the prominent, but sadly, now defunct, website known as TheSilentBallet listed them as the ‘Pick of the Month.’

These guys are a part of the record label known as The Mylene Sheath — if you haven’t heard of this label you need to seriously give each and every band on there a listen. I’ve never seen a label gather such an intensely kindred following in deep, deep support of their releases. A small but damn solid label is what makes this music possible. It’s these kinds of labels that truly need our support. We don’t want Justin Bieber on our Golden Oldies do we?

I want to thank a man named Don Soles (drds89) from the Vinyl Collective forums for the insight about this bunch. He is a solid, wise man.

ALSO: I saved a treat for those of you who read on to this point: the /100 variant on White vinyl can be found via Eclipsical Records; hurry tho, there is probably 1-2 left via that link.

“A Healthy Fear brings a degree of dissonance and tonal experimentation that works in an inspiring way that sets Gifts From Enola apart from the rest of the world of music.” – Muzik Dizcovery

The Details

An awe-inspiring journey from beginning to end. A post-post-post-whatever album that defies simple classification. Quite possibly the future, now. This band never ceases to amaze, and this is the pinnacle of their work.

Price $21.99

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