My god, this stuff is intenseeeee! It’s been a while since a simple listen turned into an hour long stretch through the depths for me! It’ll take you on a nostalgic venture through the past and right on out into the uncertain reaches of the future. Give this an honest listen. It’s powerful.

ALSO: When purchasing this you can choose to grab a Test Press instead of a Regular Press. The Test Press is /100 whereas the Regular Press (Purplish/Gray) are /1,000. These Test Press copies are ACCEPTED, not rejected, versions.

You’ll understand why this took over a year to produce when you set your eyes and ears on it. -Magic Bullet Records

The Details

From Brandon of Ghastly:
"As far as the MOONDRIFTS vinyl...
Double Lp Gatefold with a UV gloss & Copper spot printing. Along with two full-color printed record sleeves.
There were minor complications tho. There was a first pressing of 1,000 on a pinkish splatter mix of random colors where the matrix was labeled wrong. They printed the type with the blue reference color rather than the intended silver spot color. They also put the A record stickers on the B; and vice-versa; as well as on the wrong sides. Leaving all sides with the wrong information. The company then ran a second pressing of 1,000. This run was printed on a similar random color splatter that is purplish and has the intended silver type on the label stickers. This pressing also got the stickers on the proper records. However, they still placed the stickers on the wrong sides. The second pressing has side A stickers as B and flip, and side C as D and flip. Complicated!"

From Magic Bullet Records:
"Visually, this one is a doozy. Gatefold LP packaging hit with a matte finish base, then topped with metallic bronze, and spot UV varnish to give it a rather insane texture. You can FEEL the little wolf-y fox-y thing on the cover. Inside are printed dust sleeves featuring insanely meticulous typesetting and paintings that literally took months to complete." This is not a “record it over the weekend, lay it out in Illustrator Tuesday night” kind of album. You’ll understand why this took over a year to produce when you set your eyes and ears on it.

Price $15

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