“CAMERON, ANOTHER POST ABOUT FUXA?!” Yes, but it’s different this time! It even has another Ausgang piece featured on the cover! Randall Nieman’s space rock outfit is sharing a side on a freshly released red 7″ with Cheval Sombre – the moniker of Christopher Porpora who crafts a blend of psychedelia and subdued folk elements. Last year, Cheval Sombre released an album by the name of Mad Love which featured notable musicians such as Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser (the founders of MGMT), Pete Kember (Sonic Boom and Spaceman 3), and Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500 and Dean & Britta). Obviously feel free to check that out as I’ll link it below! Füxa’s contribution is “I Love You,” a cut from Electric Sound of Summer – a guitar jam that has the mood of a slow burner but it maintains the same energy level throughout the course of the song, more or less. Cheval Sombre’s cut is, as far as I know, unavailable anywhere else and it goes by the name of “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.” From what I’ve heard within the video, Porpora juxtaposes his atmospheric voice with a steady-going acoustic guitar that is interjected by Porpora’s sudden bursts of energy before he begins his hook.

For you cat owners: Füxa is also holding a contest that concerns YOUR CAT! Check the details below for more information.

The Details

(From Füxa's Facebook page)
so you like cats eh? what about cats smoking catnip cigarettes!!! new data shows that cats love space rock! do yourself AND your cat a solid, head over to www.mindexpansionrecords.com and pick up a copy of the new fuxa/cheval sombre split 7" on red vinyl. these suckers are ultra limited to 500 copies only and wont be in your local stores anytime soon thanks to the new postage rates and distribution stipulations. wonderful artwork by the amazing Anthony Ausgang! video your cat listening to this record and send it along. best video will be chosen by a panel of cats and the winner will receive a hearty batch of catnip as well as a stack of mind expansion records to send your cat into even farther regions of outer space! let's get spacey space campers!

Price $12

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