It’s no secret I, and pretty much everyone at Sly, loves Frightened Rabbit. They consistently make exceptional records. We’ve been waiting for this one to drop for awhile now, and here we go. Sadly the pre-order is so far in advance we’ll have to wait forever to get our hands on it, but it’ll be worth it. This one comes with a free etched 7″, it’s not a huge pre-order benefit, but I think many of us would be buying it anyways, so hell yeah etched 7″!

And this is limited to “the first few orders” hehe, could you be more vague?

One note that we’ve learned with Tame Impala & rough trade’s super early pre-order, this might not be the only release they do. There is a definite possibility that a US distributor does a limited as well closer to the release date, but no way of knowing. Up to you.

The Details

first few orders come with a free limited etched 7″ of the track ‘dead now’. vinyl with download. frightened rabbit release their eagerly-awaited fourth studio album ‘pedestrian verse’, through atlantic records. the album was recorded at the famed monnow valley studio in rockfield, south wales, with producer leo abrahams (brian eno, david byrne, grace jones) behind the board. commenting on the new album, singer scott hutchison says “the title is taken from a lyric in ‘state hospital’. i felt it was a nicely faceted title, with enough layered meaning to remain open to interpretation. above all though, it was a gauntlet i threw down for myself. if you call your album ‘pedestrian verse’, you can’t settle for any old lyric. it forced me to better myself. in fact, i think we all stepped up on this album and i believe that our producer leo abrahams had a major role in that step. he threw our music into areas we had not previously imagined. more than any other record we’ve done this has been a genuine journey of discovery into new ways of working in order to develop and fully realise each of the songs. as a result, i think ‘pedestrian verse’ the strongest and most interesting record we’ve made to date.”

Price – $31

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