As usual, we don’t post about 7″ unless we feel you really need to know about em. In this case, the music is amazing & limited wax. We don’t feel it’ll be long until this band is much larger and then you’ll be able to flaunt your cool ass limited 7″ from back before everybody knew. Either way it’s awesome music, cool wax and cheap. Getcha one.

Btws, I did confirm with the label that the translucent blue versions were still available right before I posted.

Also btws, make sure you listen to the face-melting guitar barrage at the end of broken arrows.

The Details

The rowdy, beachy vibes of Tiger swamp side-A, while the acid-tinged rawk of Broken Arrows blows up side-B.

We’ve pressed 500 of these bad boys, the first 150 are on transparent blue wax and they are primed for preorder. The batch ships August 7th.

Price $7

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