Yay! Foals! These great dancey rockers are back. Total Life Forever was one of my favorites of 2010. I am really feeling this first single. Sadly this album is in pounds again, so the conversion rate screws all of us in the US. It’s a solid limited set though. Check the deets.

The Details

• 12” box with exclusive Holy Fire artwork
• Gatefold packaging housing album on exclusive marbled heavyweight vinyl, documentary dvd and box set only bonus audio cd
• 6 x double sided 12” prints featuring hand written lyrics and exclusive images
• Gatefold Holy Fire artwork print (12” x 24”)
• Holy Fire album download code
• My Number 7″ Vinyl
• Prints and gatefold print will be housed in an exclusive envelope, numbered, initialled and sealed by the band themselves

Price – $56

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