RIYL: Kungens Män / Automatism / Hills / White Manna / Myrrors / Electric Moon

Label: Drone Rock Records


The Future Past is the debut-album by space-rockers Fanatism, who has mysteriously found a way to harness the ancient powers that resides within the Swedish woods and channel it through vast, sonic structures that unites decades of psychedelic wizardry and interplanetary travels for your aural entity to absorb. But fear not, these guys are no newcomers to the mysteries of the universe (at the helm you’ll find warlocks spawned from Kungens Män) and has through multiple incarnations been obtaining the wisdom and abilities to wield their powers with just the right amount of moderation to avoid your brain from overheating.  Eclectic interstellar overdrive, folks. Bring astral attention!

Drone Rock Records has been delivering cosmic drones and krauty snacks for a few years already, and has gained a fine tooth for sniffing out psychedelic sweets with flavours that bursts.

As usual the limited Special Editions are initially offered to previous customers and mailing list subscribers, but a few are up for grabs on Clear wax w/ a Black Stripe Effect (out of 200). There are only 100 pressed of the standard Black Vinyl, but I guess these might be repressed once they go OOP.


The Details

For the 18th release on Drone Rock Records we return to Sweden for something very special indeed…. ‘The Future Past’, the deubt album by Fantatism. These guys are acutually an offshoot of the superb Kungens Man who have made some of my favourite modern psych albums of the last few years. So, when they contacted me out of the blue about the possibilty of releasing this record, I just had to say yes straight away. This record has a bit of everything…70’s prog, free-jazz, heavy rock, psychedelic improv….it’s all here. And, once again, the tracks have been given the mastering treatment from Mr John McBain.

The Future Past will be a super limited pressing of 300 copies available in two variants:-

Special edition:
200 copies pressed on clear heavyweight vinyl with black stripe effect. These will be offered to previous customers and mailing list subscribers first.

Regular edition:
100 copies pressed on classic black heavyweight vinyl.


Price $18

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