If you would’ve told me that Mike Patton had started yet another band, and it was a speed metal polka fusion project he was doing for the next Avengers film, I’d have taken you more serious than if you told me there was a new Faith No More album.  It’s been almost two decades since there was a full-length from the gang, and between Patton’s Tomahawk, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and the 538 other bands he’s making music in, the odds aren’t in their favor.  Yet, here we are.  2015, meet Sol Invictus.  It means “Unconquered Sun”.  Way to set your aim high here, guys.  I mean, you’ve conquered pretty much everything else.

Faith No More, regardless of which frontman (or woman) you think is superior, have been one of the most successful crossover rock bands in history.  They trudged through rap, metal, punk, noise and countless others to fuse some of the most unique and influential racket of the last 30 years.  Their albums still sound forward-thinking today, and they refused to play by anyone’s rules.

And their appearance on ‘Hanging with MTV’ in 1992 is still the best damn thing that channel ever released.  Watch the last minute:

So who knows how limited this vinyl is, but who cares?  It’s Faith No More.  Get it or get out of the way.  If you don’t want it, I’ll buy your copy.
You dingus.

And check out Superhero off the new album:

The Details

Pressed on 140G clear vinyl and includes a coupon code for full album download. Anyone that preorders the album will receive an instant Mp3 download of album tracks Motherfucker and Superhero upon checkout and will be able to sign back into their store account on release day (5/19/15) to access a full album download.

Thanks to Ham Jonilton for the tip!

Price $19

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