Hindie Rock/Psyche Pop!  Montreal’s Elephant Stone delivers a very tasteful and mature blend of psych/indie/pop/rock.  Also a quite fitting description for the band of one of US most sought out sitar-players in the psychedelic music scene! Rishi Dhir has recorded and toured with the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Horrors, the Soundtrack of Our Lives to name a few. Rishi also wields the 4stringed-axe and vocals (and of course sitar..) in Elephant Stone, who are today releasing “The Three Poisons” through Hidden Pony Records. Check it out!



To clear things up, only the 500 first (pre-)orders will be Red & White Marbled Vinyl (the 100 first also signed, but I suppose they’re gone by now..), but there’s really no telling which one you’ll recieve. Since the info is still up, I assume you’ll still have a shot at the colored wax!

The Details

Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons (out August 25, 2014) First 500 copies include red-white colored vinyl and are hand numbered. First 100 copies are signed by band.

Price $19.99

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