RIYL: The Low Frequency In Stereo, Wooden Shjips, Holy Wave, WatchOut!, Megaphonic Thrift, 60/70's groovy soundtracks

Label: Jansen Records

Electric Eye is one of Norways premier psychedelic outfits, delivering krauty, motorik sounds with the uttermost finesse.  Armed with an über-tight rythm section that lock grooves to communicate with your vessel while guitars and organs elevate your mind, the outcome is an powerful, nutricious blend for both body and soul. Their flair for great pop/rock hooks shines throughout, while blending in a few exotic elements and eastern vibes to their massive sound.

Their lineup consists of skilled musicians from The Low frequency In Stereo and The Megaphonic Thrift to name a couple, and these cats really know how to summon ridiculous amounts of energy through some serious, sonic wizardry in their live performance. Their gigs has gotten quite the reputation over the years, and this special night at Blå (Blaa) in Oslo, Norway was recorded and released as a cassette-only a couple of years back.

For the first time this recording is now being released on vinyl, expanded with 3 extra tracks and spread across 4 sides of black gold! (Please note that the 3 extra tunes are not available in the player underneath, as this is based on the cassette-release.)

200 numbered copies are up for grabs via Diggers Factory, and after less than 24 hours, half are already gone!

Jump on this asap to secure a piece of psychedelic history that is one for the books, good folks!

The Details

Artist : Electric Eye
Label : Jansen Records
Format : 2 x 12" (140g)
Country : Norway
Genres : Garage Rock Psychedelic Rock Rock
Estimated delivery date : August 2018

January, 2015: A new year’s hurricane is ravaging Bergen. Its aftermath rips and tears into the Western Norwegian town for a week. In Broen Studio, where Electric Eye are plugged in, the walls constantly shake from lightning, thunder, violent downpours and wind. It probably isn’t a coincidence that “Different Sun”, album number two from the quartet, is a record full of fickle and dramatic energy. It’s veritably crackling from fuzz guitars and psychedelic organs. Electric Eye have definitely landed. In the eye of the hurricane.

Right after the release of «Different Sun», Electric Eye filled Blå in Oslo to the brim, and since both the band and the audience were so pleased with the concert, it will now also be made available to those who weren’t there. So the concert won’t be a myth anymore, now everyone can say that they «were there». Come with us into the eye of the hurricane, up to the stage and into the sphere.

We have decided to finally make a few vinyl copies of the live album, recorded at Blå, Oslo, Norway Feb 17th, 2016. The album will be a double disc, gatefold album with three previously unreleased songs, not included in the digital / MC version of the release. The album will be printed in a very limited edition of 200 copies, first come, first served.
Blå is one of the classic Oslo venues and have been promoting alternative music for 20 years. We are proud to present a live recording from such a fine venue.

Price $29

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