I’m not even sure how to explain how cool this is. I mean it truly is the art of vinyl & music at it’s best. I play guitar myself. I began playing as an outlet for all kinds of emotions. I believe most guitarists would tell you the same thing. Dylan wrote these songs as an outlet for the way he was feeling when his father had a heart attack and was in the hospital (happily his dad got better). He took the xrays & has now pressed the songs he wrote while his dad was in the hospital directly onto his fathers xrays. damn. that is awesome. The fact that any of these are for sale is beyond me. This is truly a must buy for any record collector.

There are only 14 (and I know at least 2 are gone from retter & I.) so act fast friends.

The Details
Ultra Limited Edition of 14 Hand Numbered Lathe Cut X-Rays Housed in Laser Cut (Rib Cage) Jackets with Letterpressed Insert
“Last year I recorded some music while my dad was in the hospital suffering from a heart attack he ironically had on Valentines Day. He fortunately recovered! I asked the doctor if I could have the X-Rays from the surgery to experiment with. Almost a year later the music made while he was recovering has been cut onto the lacquered X-Rays “
spontaneous 6 & 12 string guitar recordings.  (note: Lathe cut records ARE a relatively lo-fi format.) Free download W/purchase.

Thanks to Retter for the tip!

Price – $25

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