Yay more Dum Dum Girls! Only in Dreams was such a great release last year, with “Coming Down” being one of my favorite tracks of the year. We caught this tip off the submission wire, so I’ll let Nicole tell it like it is, since she already did a nice job.

A follow up to the acclaimed “Only in Dreams”, Dum Dum Girls’ new EP is yet another release that combines hazy instrumentation with Dee Dee’s clear vocals. The songs do not show a departure from the band’s original sound, but they do explore new grounds lyrically. “Much has been written of Dee Dee’s personal trials, but no words speak better of her handling of experience than her musical output. End of Daze offers a bracing, daring sonic example of an artist evolving in her understanding of the world.” 

The clear-colored Loser Edition of the Dum Dum Girls “End Of Daze” 12″ EP is available for pre-order from Sub Pop . The EP comes out on September 25th.

[sws_green_box box_size=”80%”] Thanks so much to Nicole Leibman, who tipped us off on this release by Submitting News. You are truly awesome. [/sws_green_box]

Price – $9

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