Ryan Graveface, the man behind Graveface Records and a plethora of other amazing things, has released the final 25 copies of this gorgeous album.ย  I must admit, I fibbed on this one, for one solid reason, because this is THE LAST 25 to ever be available! This album will NOT be pressed again! Okay, so all exaggeration aside, this thing is actually limited to a total of 675 in the whole wide world. Check it out, show the label some love! Details below (along with a video of them assembling one of these beauties).

…each copy takes 30+ minutes to hand-assemble…

“Pop-up Gatefold”

The Details

From Facebook:
This just in! The final (yes final - never to be pressed again) 25 copies of Dreamend's 'The Long Forgotten Friend' 2XLP have been assembled and are available here: https://www.graveface.com/graveface-catalog.html#028 For the unaware, each copy takes 30+ minutes to hand-assemble as it's a pop-up gatefold.

Vinyl is purplish/pink | art by William Schaff | hand-assembly by Maria Reichstadt | photography by Christy Romanick | music by my depressed mind

From Graveface Records webstore:
The Long Forgotten Friend's 14 songs (10 songs on the cd version) are loosely based on stories and memories of a relative from the far past, whose tragic life has metamorphosed into legend over the course of time. This is music to listen to while driving through abandoned cities and ghost towns, imagining their disintegration.

Listeners are encouraged to buy the vinyl version as it contains 4 extra songs-16 minutes worth of music (SIDE D), a handmade pop-up gatefold by William Schaff (GYBE!, Okkervil River etc) and a 12 page photo booklet. The cd version comes packaged in a 15pt chipboard gatefold sleeve with a 12 page booklet of photos by Christy Romanick.

Price $30

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