RIYL: Black Lips, Jay Reatard, Jacuzzi Boys, The Ramones

Label: Greenway Records

Dirty Fences make gimmick-free rock and roll, man. They ain’t tryin’ to teach you any fancy words, come up with the hot new social media algorithm or write your world view. They’re here to put a damn smile on your face and they’ve got the songs to make it happen. Taking the best of the best from each decade since rock and roll’s genesis in the 50s, Dirty Fences have thrown it all into the boiler and left it on the back porch to ferment into the monster before you. They’ve maintained the untainted tradition of the garage acts from 5 decades ago, they’ve tossed in those lipstick-smudged riffs from glam rock’s golden years and branded that hot slab of steak with the scorched blitzkrieg of punk rock by way of The Ramones. It’s bubble gum with shards of glass stuck in the middle. Delicious and dangerous.

Fellow New Yorkers Greenway Records have 200 copies of this ‘greatest hits’ collection on a sickeningly sexy slab of splatter vinyl. If you don’t have any Dirty Fences on vinyl yet, here’s the perfect starter pack. Every tune is quality. Check some of them out below and grab a rekkid after the ‘buy’ link.



The Details

Brought to you in collaboration by Greenway Records & OBEY Records.

Clear Vinyl w/ Mint Green Blob and Neon Purple Splatter
Limited to 200 copies
Full Color Inner Sleeve

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Price $21.98

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