Gotta love Dinosaur Jr. The guys just keep putting out great albums, one after another. Even J’s solo album was great. There’s only a little info on this release so far. see here.

The masters of alt-guitar rock’s groundbreaking 1987 album You’re Living All Over Me turns the ripe age of 25 in the fall of 2012. To celebrate, Merge Records is releasing Chocomel Daze, a rare live show (featuring the classic, original line-up of J, Lou, and Murph) recorded in 1987 at Dorrnroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands. The band will recreate the magic of 1987 at their upcoming You’re Living All Over Me anniversary show at New York’s Terminal 5 on December 1, 2012. Chocomel Dazefollows-up Dinosaur Jr.’s recent full-length I Bet on Sky and is limited to only 2000 vinyl copies with download coupon! Featuring cover art by Marq Spusta, based on the original You’re Living All Over Me cover art by Maura Jasper.

Dinosaur Jr. Chocomel Daze Track Listing:

1.  Severed Lips
2.  In a Jar
3.  The Lung
4.  Tarpit
5.  Does It Float
6.  Repulsion
7.  Lose
8.  Gargoyle
9.  Raisans
10. Mountain Man
11. SludgeFeast

Price – $19

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