RIYL: David Byrne, Dirty Projectors, Mac DeMarco, Dr. Dog

Label: Anti- Records

It’s been 4 years since Steve Marion has put out a record, but “This Is Steve” has the potential to be his best record to date. Not only does it build upon the sounds of his 2012 “Positive Force” album that was hailed by critics as “…happy and deep and complex and present, all at the same time” (Paste Magazine), but it carries a tone that ebbs and wanes with catchy guitar riffs, enjoyable melodies and compassionate musicianship; all without words.

Anti-Records Press Release:

…This Is Steve, Delicate Steve’s first new record in four years, and first for the Anti- imprint, is an articulation of this spirit. A general communion with the people and world around him. Easy to call such things hackneyed in this cynical time, but in Steve’s case, it’s very hard to separate the person from the art. It’s real. It’s pure. This, Is Steve. An incredible capacity to write wordless songs that are impossible not to sing along to. He works in no genre, there are no words, but there is never a question as to what he is saying.

Steve produced and played all the instruments on this record. He created it as an introduction from himself to you, and named it appropriately. If there is a question as to who This Is Steve’s creator is, you’ll find it imbued in these ten songs. As he has done from the start, Steve lets the music speak for itself. Without a word.

Limited Edition Winner EP 7″ is also available from the band website $10.00.

Limited Edition Winners EP 7″

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The Details

Release Date: Jan 27th, 2017
Delicate Steve – This Is Steve LP (White/Limited to 500 copies)
This purchase includes a digital download of the singles “Cartoon Rock” and “Winners” as well as the entire album. You will be emailed a link to access “Cartoon Rock” and “Winners” shortly after purchase. You will be emailed a link to access the full album download on the release date.

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Price $20

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