“Never Better Over There… Never Better Over Here… Never Better Anywhere…”

Limited Edition of 100 copies
Black Vinyl LP
Numbered Jackets
Mastered for Vinyl by Lucky Lacquers
November 11 Release Date

Never better indeed. Sedona, AZ based songwriter Brandon Decker has never been better, with his fifth official album that he has written, produced and released under the project name “decker.“. The new album ‘Patsy‘ will hypnotize you with a psychedelic blend of rock, folk and gospel.

Brandon has performed over 600 shows in the last five years, so if you’re in for an amazing and energetic performance, be sure to catch decker. on tour as they make their way across the US this October.

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The Details

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1. Saigon (Intro)
2. O.D.B.
3. 5 Oscillations
4. Esther Mofet
5. Spades
6. Patsy
7. O'Death
8. Cellers
9. Ol' Dirty Revival

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