The first 10 seconds of the title track take me back to the first time I heard Dirty Boots by Sonic Youth.  I’ll never forget that menacing guitar intro, growling at me from the shadow just waiting to pounce.  That was the pinnacle of cool when I was in middle school and it still is.  It reminded me, along with Iggy and Keef and Townsend and countless other walking gods, that rock and roll is dangerous.

St. Vincent’s has all the right ingredients for fans of old Sonic Youth records…swoony, breathy Kim Gordonisms, minor-key cool, mid-song tempo changes and swirling layers of noise packed low in the mix.

It’s $5.  What’s your problem, man?  That’s 2 breakfast tacos.

The Details

Exclusive to pre-orders through the Sub Pop Mega Mart: The first 200 pre-orders will receive the 7” on limited edition blue colored vinyl.

Pre-orders also receive an instant download of the title track with your pre-order.

Price $5

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