Haunting, cerebral, trance induced psychedelic kraut-rock mayhem! Commented by a bright fella on discogs, describing their debut-album “Dead Magick” as a shamanic journey into bliss. A rather fitting description at that..  Icelandic, experimental psych-outfit Dead Skeletons is a unique musical and visual art-project which is nothing short of stunning!

This beautiful 12″ has a double A-side, and a hand made screen print on side B!


“Dead Comet” was pressed in 500 copies for their “Dead Comet”-tour, and the band now has 200 copies left for sale at their bandcamp.

If you dig it, I recommend you get on this NOW! All of their releases heavily sought after by a constantly expanding fan-base, and pretty pricey if you should so lucky as to stumble upon them at all.

Dead Skeletons are currently working on their second album. In the meantime, be sure to check out their debut-album “Dead Magick”, released on Anton Newcombe’s very own A-records. It is certainly one major trip…

The Details

The double A side "Dead Comet and Om Vajra Sattva Hung" , was pressed for the Dead Comet tour with only a very limited, 500 available on the road.

We have 200 left for sale!

All artwork is by Nonni and both tracks were recorded and produced by Ryan Van Kriedt.
The cover is made from 100% recycled paper and comes in kraft pack with a very special hand made screen print on side B of the vinyl.

Price $27

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