It’s been said that Walter Schreifels “never wrote a bad song” and if you follow what he does close enough you’ll tend to agree.

Dead Heavens caught me off guard given the line up.  Essentially we have a supergroup comprised of Schreifels, (Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand/Rival Schools/Vanishing Life/Walking Concert) Paul Koastabi (Youth Gone Mad/White Zombie/Psychotica) Nathan Aguilar (Cults) and Drew Thomas (Bold/Youth of Today/Crippled Youth).

Looking at this line up on paper you could easily make some assumptions about the overall musical direction but you’d be wrong.

This isn’t a Youth Crew nod or Quicksand part II. There is no play on what anyone has done in the past. This is Dead Heavens. The guitars are fuzzy, the melodies are eerie and there’s a slight psychedelic feel overall.

Will this turn into anything more than two songs? Who knows but if you’re a fan of Walter this is definitely worth adding to the collection.

The Details

• Release Date: February 17 2015
• 7" Limited Vinyl - 100 Baby Blue + 400 Black
• Digital Download Card included

A: History In My Hands
B: 36 Chambers

Price $7.5

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