RIYL: American folk rock

Label: Dawes

Does rock music get much purer than Dawes?  They’re the ‘grilled cheese and hot tomato soup’ in the industry.  They’re the worn blue jeans, the fishing trip with your friends, Mom’s famous waffles, and the LA skyline.  All-American folk rock, no gimmicks.  Fresh on the heels of 2015’s Billboard folk chart topper All Your Favorite Bands comes album #5, the tenderly-titled We’re All Gonna Die.  If there was anyone out there that could make me feel warm and cozy with that kind of harsh truth, it’d be Dawes.

There are 1500 copies of the album on marbled yellow wax, and it looks like most distro sites have the album up for preorder, so if Bullmoose sells out, don’t worry your pretty little heads.  We’ll keep the links coming!  For the die-hards, there is a signed bundle for $50 on Dawes’ own website HERE.  Check out their latest single below, the fuzzy pelvic thruster When The Tequila Runs Out.  A bit more electric and funky, n’est pas?

The Details

140 Gram Marbled Vinyl
Only 250 Available
Includes Digital Album And Instant Grat Tracks As They're Released
Out September 16

Price $17.97

Listen on Spotify

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