Ah, another release from the Thin White Duke. This is apparently the seventh installment in the 40th anniversary picture disc series by Parlophone Records I wrote about the Life on Mars? picture disc last yearRebel Rebel is one of the first singles he released after the disbanding of The Spiders From Mars and is definitely much more strident than the glammy pop fare Bowie is known for. There’s not much to say here, as David Bowie’s been around for a good, well, forty years. If you, by some unearthly chance, are unfamiliar with David Bowie you better listen to “Rebel Rebel” which I’ve linked below via YouTube. The A-Side is the picture you see above and the B-Side is the picture you see below this paragraph. The A and B-Sides contain more obscure versions of “Rebel Rebel,” one of them has yet to see a release on CD and it came out over thirty years ago. Get to checking out “Rebel Rebel” below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel (B-Side)

The Details

The first DAVID BOWIE release of 2014 will be 'REBEL REBEL' the latest in the run of 40th anniversary 7" picture discs released by Parlophone Records.

REBEL REBEL is the 7th 40th anniversary 7" picture disc release preceded by STARMAN, JOHN I'M ONLY DANCING, THE JEAN GENIE, DRIVE IN SATURDAY, LIFE ON MARS and SORROW.

Originally released in February 1974 REBEL REBEL was Bowie's first new original single since disbanding The Spiders From Mars and acted as a taster for the groundbreaking album DIAMOND DOGS. The track reached #5 in the UK and also hit the US Billboard Hot 100.

The A-side of the limited edition 7" picture disc features the original single mix of the track which hasn't been available on 7" since the early 80's and is still unavailable on CD to this day.

The AA-side has the US Version of REBEL REBEL performed entirely by Bowie himself (with Geoff MacCormack supplying congas), this radically different version of the song was released in May 1974 three months after the first issue, but only in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The artwork for the picture disc features two shots from a session that took place in Amsterdam at the television show Top Pop in February 1974.


A-Side Rebel Rebel (Original single mix)
AA-Side Rebel Rebel (US Version)

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