RIYL: Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Canned Heat, Wooden Shjips, Desert Noises

Label: Alive Records

Having lived Down Under for 15 years, I can attest to the fervor with which Aussies embrace their music. Do I need to cite such bands as Radio Birdman, Midnight Oil or The Go-Betweens? The Australian scene (primarily Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) became its own entity after borrowing bits n’ bobs from the US and UK markets. Datura4 hails from the west coast of Australia and plays some pretty authentic homage to the heady days of the early 70’s when bands dared to venture out of the garage and go into the studio. Better yet, they learned how to bring the studio into the garage. Hairy Mountain is their latest release and it continues in the same blues rock vein that they explored on Demon Blues. Video below is from their first album.

150 hand-p0ured starburst copies available. Does not include a download code but CDs can be ordered at time of purchase for $6, which seems a bit steep considering the minimal cost (under a dollar) for the label to include a code.



The Details

Rock n Roll fans - please welcome Hairy Mountain - the second album from West Australia’s Datura4. Building upon the "‘guitars-to -infinity’" approach of Datura4’'s acclaimed debut LP ‘Demon Blues’, ‘Hairy Mountain’ is ten solid tracks celebrating an unbridled joy for rock’n’roll ,with a nod to the spiritual presence of their hairy Oz Rock forefathers.

Hairy Mountain’ is the culmination of a lifetime of musical archaeology and the ongoing search for the never ending riff. It'’s the brainchild of Dom Mariani (frontman of Australian garage rockers The Squanches and Power Posters DM3) and Greg Hitchcock (former You Am I and one-time New Christs’ guitarist), and their new full-tilt boogie, psych and prog combo Datura4. –BLURT

Throwback in the best possible way, the way you can go to some underground club in your nearest big city and see kick-ass rockers throwing it down like it was 1972. But unlike those amateurs, Datura4 is the real deal. In Mariani and Hitchcock, it has the pedigree. – UNDER THE RADAR

Elements of hard-lined blues remain evident, but are primarily smoothed out by a dominant, free-formed Â’70s psych sparsity. Those sprawling soundscapes themselves threaten explosive outbreaks yet are reigned in further with a defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger that sets a more contemporary course. Johnny Nail / ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA

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