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His stint with Third Man Records in 2009 came and went faster than a wino in a dry county, yet through that brief encounter (in the form of a 7″), Dan Sartain’s brand of slick-haired Americana spread across land and ocean.  Long long before Jack White ever met the man, though, Sartain had cut a fistful of full-lengths packed with a classic stripped-down rockabilly flavor.  Smoky diners, gas stations and truck stops…Sartain is best heard when you’re lost in the back roads.

Fans of Dirty Beaches, The Cramps, David Lynch and Elvis’ lexicon of deep cuts should give Sartain a moment of their time.  This much-needed reissue from Sartain’s debut in 2001 comes in 3 variants.  The rarest version is the marbled grey variant limited to 110 numbered copies.  White vinyl variants are limited to 165 numbered and the classic black vinyl is an edition of 265.  Prices range from $18.50 to $70 for a bundle of all three.


Also, for any copy you buy, you get 1 entry into a contest for a ‘dirty gold’ screenprint pictured below:


Be aware that the preorder does not go live until Wednesday, September 16 at 5 PM EST.  Add Slice of Wax Records to your Facebook likes if you want more details.

The Details

- Black edition on 180 gr vinyl with printed cover and printed inner sleeve - 265 copies
- White edition on 180 gr vinyl with printed cover and printed inner sleeve - 165 numbered copies
- Marble grey edition on 180 gr vinyl with screenprinted cover - 110 numbered copies

Only 60 screenprinted editions left for sale for Wednesday!

Price $18.5

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